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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: an early morning crash takes the life of a teenager in oakland. fire crews could release now details about the massive fire in fairfield. >> reporter: an animal shelter said it plans to do with its animals if it has to close. and we're learning more about the man and his plots accused of killing more than 07 -- than 70 people. the news continues. good morning. welcome to wednesday, july 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson and a look at the weather. we have fog. it's more in the way of fog trend low clouds. it's a sign that you might have to deal with some fog. but then it will be sunny and warmer. we had mid and upper 80s yesterday and upper 80s and low
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90s inland and 60s and 70s coast and bay side. here's sal. right now traffic on highway 4 bay point looks good. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well and you see a little fog wisping through there. the traffic is going to be okay on the sam bridge. but it's a little foggy there as well. right now as we inspection a freeway offramp in oakland is still closed. all this started this morning after a police chase ended with a deadly accident. paul chambers is there. and he's back when it started and when the area will open again. >> reporter: good morning. officers have been out here for more than four and a half hours. they're carefully going over the investigation of this crash scene. officers are conducting an investigation after a teenage driver died after a chase with chp. they say around 1:20 this morning they tried to pul over
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a 19-year-old -- pull over a 19- year-old man for driving recklessly and weaving. instead of obeying, he sped off getting on 880 northbound. but when he exited the freeway at 29th street offramp, he crashed and he was partially ejected from the car because he was not wearing a seatbelt and they believe alcohol played a role in the crash. >> it does appear to be alcohol- related. we smelled the odor of and click beverage on the driver. >> reporter: and you're taking a look at the car that was involved in the accident. the driver was taken to the hospital where he died. we know he's a 19-year-old latino male from oak land -- oakland. for the offramp here, it will remain closed as they continue to work on the investigation. they say it's unclear how long that will take.
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as soon as it opens up, we'll let you know. at any moment, investigators will provide new information on that huge fire at the plastics plant in fairfield. a news briefing is scheduled for this hour. we're taking live pictures. you can see the aftermath of that fire that is started yesterday afternoon on huntington drive, not far from travis air force base. crew have been on the scene all night long watching out for hotspots. you remember yesterday is the shots. firefighters from all across the county were called in to battle the huge flames. for several hours, people living near the plant were asked to stay indoors to avoid any potentially dangerous smoke. no reports of anyone getting sick at this point. but three firefighters did
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suffer minor injuries. investigators say it appears that a construction worker's blow torch set off the fire. but we're waiting for new details at a press briefing at any moment now. and east bay animal shelter with a long history of service may close. and we're there this morning with the countdown to save the valley humane society. >> reporter: it's been 25 years since the shelter has been in the area. and i just spoke to the humane society president. and shea injured me if the shelter has to close because it doesn't get the money to stay open, the animals will be taken care of by other shelters. this is on nevada street. this is a no kill shelter. so no animal will be euthanized. the shelter needs $125,000 in the next 30 days or else it will have to close. the slow economy is behind the
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deaspirate situation. over the last two years, the donations are down 31 and 25%. at the same time, the cost of food and shelter is up. >> cats in here are the cheese kittens. we have five of them in here. >> reporter: they are called the cheese kittens because they're named off cheeses. they have 44 cats. but i just learned that six dogs have now been adopted. this video was posted on "youtube" in december. so it's likely that the tabbies have been adopted. and if you come out live and take a closer look at the building. it's a couple years old at the most. laura rice will be here to explain how they can afford a new building but not the operating expenses to run it. reporting live, channel 2 news. there's an alert about a mountain lion this morning near half moon bay. they exampled car cusses found
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-- carcass of some sheep and goats. and they found signs of a mountain lion attack. if you come in contact with a mountain lion, don't run, instead face it and make a lot of noise and try look bigger than the mountain lion by waiving your arms. oakland police are investigating two separate shootings a half mile apart -- a mile and a half apart. the most recent happened at 1:00 this morning when a man was shot in the head at about 47th street. he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the second shooting happened at 11:00 last night at east tenth street and portwood avenue. we have few details about that. but the victim and unidentified woman that police think was an innocent bystander. we do not know her condition at this point. so far no arrests have made in either shooting. one of the police officers involved in the fatal shooting
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at san francisco's civic center bart station may soon be an fbi agent. they recently released video of deadly accidents that happened this month. officer james corral was one of two officers that confront a homeless man. and investigators say that the officers were forced to shoot when the man threatened them with a knife. reports are is that the fbi already hired officer corral. right now things are said to be back to normal at a train station in oslow, norway after a suspicious bag was found. an abandoned suitcase found in an area where buses leave. and the police sealed off the area and checked out the bag. they found nothing. oslow is on high alert after friday's bombing and shootings that killed 76 people. the investigation into last week's bombing and shooting rampage is focused on a farm
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used by the confessed gunman. a couple of hours ago the investigators used a control explosion. you heard the sound. they set off a device that was found at the farm. the confessed gunman used the location as a cover to buy more than six tons of fertilizer for his bombs. when they found at the farm is very critical in finding out if there's another bomb that they have not found yet. >> the fertilizer that we thought that he bought and the amount that we think was used in the explosion and what is left on the farm, this is something that the investigation must look at. >> police have started releasing the names of the victims killed in last week's shooting massacre. a 43-year-old woman from denmark is the first confirmed foreign death. the prime minister said that the country will recover from this and said they are not
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afraid of violence. house republicans have postponed a vote on speaker boehner's debt ceiling plan till tomorrow. we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with the math error that is caused the delay. and governor brown is defending his veto of legislation that would have provided funding for adult day health care programs cut in the latest state budget. he promised alternatives would be found for those that need it. but many of those that operate the center say there are no appropriate alternatives for their client that suffer from brain injuries and they predict that many of the clients would end up in nursing facilities. will 880 be a problem this morning? we're wondering about that because of that crash and the investigation at 29th. but so far is looks pretty good. the traffic is moving well and interstate 880 near the
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coliseum and all the way into downtown. i want to mention bart. i just got off the phone with bart, and they say the delays are down to some minor system wide delays. your train may be a little bit late. but you go to the platforms, i doubt that you'll notice anything too bad right now. you may want to check your flight if you're taking a flight out for sfo. this morning's commute on 80 westbound still looks good n western contra costa county and highway 4 and eastern cocoa, you see slow traffic. and now to steve. we have thick fog out there
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dancing around a little bit. you can see that. it is creeping in where is that wolf sound? the key is high pressure is building. the clouds were up here and they're coming down. and that means after the fog burns off, the temperatures come up fast. last time we had any real warmth was july 4th weekend. and since then, it's been cool, cool. the lows are dropping in and knew is moving out and the fog moves in and warmer weather now. and the fog is still hanging out on the coast. there is a little bit of a component of a north wind. but it has not taken care of all of it. this is still solid from the coast down. 50s and low 50s santa rosa. and they are hitching and ready to warm up. temperatures, the north wind helps and a decrease in the sea breeze. west southwest at fairfield and
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a puff at sfo that is nothing for them. and there's a lot of calm conditions east and southeast. the system that went out, now high pressure building back in. it's possible as we get towards the weekend that it will be moved out. today 80s and 90s. the 90s are back. 70s to mid-80s to low 90s here. clear lake will go 95 and kent field 83, hidden brook, 85, pittsburgh 91, walnut creek 88, 75 in oakland, livermore checking in at 90 and the same for morgan hill. 80s in saratoga and san jose
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82, 84 wood side, 78 in san mow. the main impact will be the inland temperatures. are you watching your calories? >> no. >> you're not? the finding of a new study of what is on the menu at fast- food restaurants and how it is affecting people's eating habits. and growing pressure on san francisco's mayor. who else is telling him to officially run for the mayor's job.
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welcome back. time 6:15. senator finestein has joined the push to pick san francisco's next mayor. she's telling interim mayor lee to run for an official four year term in november. and several other groups are urging mayor lee to run the filing deadline is august 12th. but the chronicle is reporting that he may make his decision within a couple of days. california's permanent vote by mail system will no longer be paid forbidden state. election officials in most counties said they'll continue to keep the system in place. vote by mail helps spread out the cost and time conducting elections because some of the ballot counting can be done before election day. house republican leaders are regrouping in washington d.c. this morning about their plan to raise the debt ceiling. allison burn it's in our
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washington d.c. newsroom with why they're delaying the vote today. >> reporter: it's a setback with just six days to go before the united states reaches the debt limit and risks default for the first time in history. house speaker boehner is being forced to rewrite his plan after the congressional office found it does not produce the deficit savings that the speaker promised. but president obama is already threatening a very toe -- veto. and mcconnell said that both sides need to get serious about striking a deal. >> i'm ready to accept something that is less than perfect because perfect is not achievable. >> reporter: phone and e-mail systems were overloaded with people weighing in on the debt ceiling debate. at within point, the capitol was receiving 40,000 calls an hour, twice as many as normal. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, channel 2
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news. in afghanistan, the mayor was killed by a suicide bomb. the bomber reportedly put the bomb in his turbine and then set it off inside city hall where the mayor was at a meeting. this comes days after the president's half-brother was killed also in the area. the tall ban is claiming -- taliban is claiming responsibility for both of those attacks. the u.s. anti-terrorism officials think that al qaeda is on the brink of collapse. they say that the killing of osama bin laden and seven years of attacks on the hideouts in pakistan has significantly weakened al qaeda. and the view is that the offshoot in yemen is a bigger threat than the group's traditional bags along the pakistan -- base along the pakistan/afghanistan border. love from fremont an oak --
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law enforcement from fremont an oak land raided a home at 98th avenue to carry out a search warrant. no details on who or what they were looking for at this point. the requirement to post calorie count on menus is having an effect on people's eating habits. one in six people are noticing the information and buying foods with fewer calories. it was gathered by tracking thousands of fast food customers in new york. the first study to show a change in people's eating habits since the law went into effect in 2008. in california, the same law started in january. 6:19. let's check in with sal. you're watching the roads and the bridges too. we're looking at all of it we're looking with our good eye on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass. it looks good and you can see for yourself if you don't trust
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me, it's a nice drive. but the road censor is showing stop-and-go traffic. the traffic continues to look very nice. yesterday was a bad afternoon. yesterday afternoon it was bad on the freeway. and if you're drive in the south bay, we don't have a lot of slow traffic. and the road censor not showing a lot. a little here and there. but nothing to worry about yet. 6:20 and to see. thick fog out there, more sew than the low -- more so than the low clouds you see some of the low cloudiness. so we have that blanket now of fog that is lying on us. and that means it will burn off sooner as the high is building and that will translate to warmer afternoon highs. i think the next hour we'll start to see 60s popping up in the inland areas. we don't have much of a sea breeze. but we have high pressure building from the east into
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california. it will not park itself over us. it will give us afternoon temperatures that are closer to normal. these are areas that have been much cooler than that. so we're starting to see more of a july pattern, 60s, 70s and low to mid-90s. and it will be a little warmer weather thursday and friday and it will stay there as we head into the weekend. ford plans to eliminate cd players from some of the new cars. the focus model it's sells in europe will only have digital music ports. that will give people nor access to their -- more access to their complete music collection. they expect the move will gain traction and could expand to the u.s. in the coming year or two. more bad news from the commerce department this morning. durable goods orders fell more than 2% in june. the everall number was dragged down -- the overall number was dragged down by a weak
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transportation sector. including transportation numbers, the orders did inch up a bit. 6:21. still talking about the impact of the death of amy winehouse. a dramatic change to the music charts ever since she died. a bold thief caught on tape. you'll see how two people reacted when they saw the crime in action. northbound 101 traffic look good and a little slow approaching 880. we'll tell you more coming up.
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if you're driving around the bay area, you'll notice it's cloudy in spots. this is the high-rise over to the peninsula. dmv office near sacramento will remain closed for the rest of the week after a driving school student ran into the building. a big hole marks the spot in the building roseville where the student crashed into the wall on monday. the dmv said that the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. no one injured. this is video you're going to want to see. take a look. it shows two people stopping a would-be bike thief in san
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francisco. the communication company security camera caught the whole incident in progress a woman jumps in front of the thief and another man tried to stop him and the thief managed to escape on foot. and we don't know if the police were able to track him down. the nfl lockout is over and back to business for the bay area's two pro football teams. the raiders officially report to training campp this morning. and they're going to make up for lost time. the nfl labor lockout put the whole pro football season on hold for a while and the raiders only have 16 days to get ready for the first preseason game. >> i think the outside world, they didn't know about the business part. they just liked the game and the excitement, watching sports and the highlights and stuff. the same with me. but the business part has been taken care of. >> for the 49ers, they began
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training camp at their facility in saint at a clara tomorrow. pro football fans don't appear to be holding any grudges against the players or the owners. ticket master reports that the sales on the nfl ticket exchange jumped 332% monday from the day before. monday was the day that they approved the deal that ended the lockout. death amy wine house is driving up her -- winehouse is driving up her record sales. she has reentered the billboard charts. her back to black album sold 37,000 copies in the past week, a record for the past three years. digital track sales of her music also increased by 2,000 percent. the state fire marshal warns that some out of date maps could be hazardous to people around california. it could lead to a deadly accident like one in the east bay that claimed five lives.
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>> reporter: officers still investigating the early morning crash that could affect your morning commute. we'll take you live to new york to see what is going to affect that opening bell. ♪
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there it is. the opening bell live in new york this morning. we're glad we could take you there for that. and here's something to go with your coffee this morning, dunkin donuts going public. that sounds good about now. priced $19 a share. it will probably open up a little bit and we will check in on that to see how that stock does. but dunkin donuts going public. we'll say good morning. it is wednesday, the middle of the week, july 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> a police investigation team is on the scene of a deadly
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crash in oakland. this all started with a police chase on international boulevard and it ended on a freeway offramp that has been closed now for five hours. paul chambers has been out there for hours and he's back now what is the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you, they've been out here for five hours. they are going over every aspect of this car and making sure this investigation is correct. this is a car that was involved in the accident this morning. officers have been out here. and they were in a crash between a teenage driver who may have been driving and may have been drinking. and chp ended up with a driver ending in the crash. the officers said around 1:20 this morning they tried to pull over the man the international and 55th avenue. the driver was driving recklessly and weaving. they attempted to pull him over and he sped of . >> pursuit ensued.
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and he entered 880 and attempted to exit the freeway at 29th avenue. he failed to negotiate the exit lane and collided behind me. >> reporter: the officers say that the driver, a 19-year-old male from oakland was partially ejected from the car because he was not wearing a seatbelt. he was taken to the hospital where he died. we have the identity. but we're waiting to confirm it with the coroner's office. and the officers believe that alcohol may have been a role in this because they smelled alcohol on the driver and found open containers inside the vehicle. you can see the officers are still looking at the car right here. for the offramp of 29th avenue, it will be closed for several hours, they believe. if they change that, we'll bring that to you. they're conducting the investigation and it is still closed at this hour. 6:32. alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that injured a
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veteran police officer on 23rd avenue. the driver of a chrysler 300 sedan ran a red light and ran into a police car. and unidentified female officer was treated for minor injuries. firefighters are still putting out hotspots from this marcos plastics fire in fairfield. jade hernadez is at the fire scene right now. we know investigators are giving some new detail this morning. >> reporter: that's right. we expect to hear from the fire marshal in about a half hour. but i want to show you offer my shoulder. you see the melted pile. that is part of the bins that caught fire last night. keith can she you next to -- can show you next to, the plastic bin, the pile there that is what they looked like
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before they burned. they say that the plant is fully operational. and that is amazing news since the chopper 2 showed the magnitude of the flames. a spokesperson is expected to be out here in about 30 minutes to update us on the fire. five acres burned with 20 to 30,000 bins inside the marcos plastics at the time. 45 employees were at work. and the plant is two miles from travis air force base. and a huge plume of smoke could be seen all the way to sacramento. authorities told us it appears that an employee cleaning out a bin with some type of blow torch touched off part of this fire and the torch sparked the flames. they liken the intensity to the
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heat of a tire fire. >> plastics are made from oil products. so it's the same visual effect as if you were seeing and oil fire. it's intense heat and thick, dark, black smoke. >> reporter: so the health officials reported no smoke related injuries. but residents within a mile radius of the plant were cautioned to stay inside till nearly 6:00 last night. and health authorities checked storm drains. we spoke to one man that found little black specs on his white t-shirt. and others said they saw debris falling from the sky. that gives you an idea of fallout from the fire. and i want to bring you back out live. you can see the back of marcos plastics. and you see where the fence is burned. it's still smoldering a bit on the ground. but all of this is damage done after last night's fire. the firefighters are not here
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anymore. they were monitoring hotspots overnight. we'll hear from the fire marshal. she'll update us on the damage this morning and what the firefighters plan to do with the rest of this investigation. reporting live, jade hernadez, channel 2 news. there are many underground hazards that are not well marks. a backhoe hit and underline petroleum pipeline seven years ago and the owner did not fight a $15 million fine. pipeline owners are supposed to notify emergency workers about the pipelines. but the current rule are tough to enforce. the police are searching for whoever fired shots at a police officer may resume in the next couple days. a s.w.a.t. team in camouflage gear
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searched the area yesterday morning. two people fired shots at that officer. and the police are looking for signs of illegal marijuana growth. and they called off the search in the afternoon. they did reopen the park trails. now they're checking out video from a helicopter to try to figure out what the next move will be. only on 2, a man coming forward claiming he's a victim of a hate crime at this year's san francisco pride parade. and the police released this cell phone video this was taken last month and it shows the alleged victim naked getting kicked by one man and punched by another. and david stevenson talked to the victim. and the police asked us not to show his face. >> reporter: you don't remember being hit in the face? >> i don't remember being hit at all it makes me sick. you see him watching. >> reporter: the man said that
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suffered a conclusion and he had surgery for a broken eye socket in the incident. they're investigating this as a possible hate crime because of his sexual orientation. and they released this phot foe of individual -- photo of the individuals they believe threw out first punch. they hope that you will contact the police if you know him. family and friends of missing nursing student michelle lay will hold a vigil today to mark two months since she disappeared. they'll gather fire in the hayward hospital, the last place she was scene. this begins at 6:00 this evening on the corner of west tenson road. u.s. state department has issued a warning for americans traveling broad. coming up, the reason the state department thinks that americans could be the target of and attack. new concerns this morning
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that america's yacht race may threaten local marine life. regulators refusing to issue permitstor the international sailing race in san francisco. the america's cup organizers first have to prove that it will not spread invasive sea weed. the port of san francisco is proposing a campaign to educate boaters about the sea weed and the importance of keeping the hauls clean of all of that. >> that is have interesting. time to check back in with sal and traffic. things are getting a little more crowded out there. we'll show you some live pictures of highway 4 slowing down coming to the willow pass grade. it has been slow in pittsburgh and it is also slow in bay point and concord. but we keep watching this. and in case you're wondering
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about bart, bart has recovered from earlier delays. right now the trains are setback a little bit. if you don't actually pay attention to what time your train is supposed to arrive, you may not even notice. take a look at the 880 freeway. the northbound 880 ramp to 29th avenue remains closed after an earlier police chase. coming up in the next traffic report, we'll show you a view of the that little scene of 880 in oakland. and we'll see how it's moving. this is 17 and 85. the whole thing looks pretty good. 101 is getting a little slow approaching the airport in san jose. 6:40 to steve. a good morning. we have fog. it's coming down, down, down. we have an inversion and then a
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warm pocket. so it takes some of the low clouds down towards the ground, hence the more fog than low clouds but it will burn off sooner. we have some fog in napa. and it will burn off soon. and the low pressure system has been been hanging out in the pacific northwest decided to pack its bags an eject out. so we have more fog than low clouds. the morning lows are cool. it's good sleeping weather. sunshine and warmer weather and 80s and low 90s unless you're up to lake county and mid-90s. i just heard from greta. she said it will be warmer. yes, it will. west southwest winds. but that's not a big deal. there's a north wind at 3 miles an hour. it's the direction that makes the difference. wind direction that the wind is
6:42 am
coming from is what makes the difference. the inland temperatures are warming up. and high pressure does mean 90s. and we get a lot of lead time on this it's been coming up two to four degrees each day. and now some low 90s and maybe upper 90s as we head into the weekend. fog, sun and warmer after that fog burns off. and a little bit of a north wind. and 90 in fairfield, 85 in n, nevada 85, 89 in concord, 90 in danville, 70 in oakland and berkley. low 90s in morgan hill, sanford cooper 78. south san francisco near 70 and
6:43 am
low to mid-80s on the north side. the fog is shallow near the coast. and the temperatures will come up as we head into friday and saturday. a bizarre story to tell you about. a man that tries to do surgery on himself. we'll tell you what happened. count down begins to save some animals in trouble. find out what you can do to help. good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good so far in the south bay. and we'll tell you more about the south bay commute and have a look at the weather.
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here's a quick look at some of the top stories. the 29th avenue offramp in oakland is closed. an early morning police chase that ended with a fatal crash is the reason why. the police investigation continues. also this morning, firefighters are still putting out hotspots from the huge fire at a plastics plant in fairfield. and for several hours, residents living near the plant were told to stay indoors away from all of this dangerous smoke. there's no word of anyone getting sick. and in washington, spousehouse speaker boehner postponed a vote from his debt ceiling plan from today till
6:47 am
tomorrow after the budget office said that the plan does not save as much as originally thought. and democrats say speaker boehner's plan doesn't stand a chance in the u.s. senate. an urgent call to animal lovers. a no kill shelter in the east bay may have to close. we're in pleasantton this morning with the last minute campaign to save the shelter. >> reporter: we just spoke with the president of the humane society. and they gave us a tour of this brand-new building and she made a plea to the public for help. there are 44 cats and kittens at the shelter this morning and every one of them and looked hungry and they'll be in about 45 minutes to feet them f they don't get $125,000 in the next 30 days, the animals will be shipped to other shelters. the president blames the economy to the drop in donations. and they just moved into this
6:48 am
$1.6 million facility last month. the society was able to pay for it from the estate of a local woman and that may have led to the drop of the donations. >> as soon as we started to build it we saw a decrease in the donations. when you build a building like this, the perception is that you're flush with money. >> reporter: and the irony is that they could have kept the money the woman left them but they would still be in the old facility and would not be able to care for the animals they thought they needed to care for them. and that comes during cat season as well. and more kitten are being born because more carts breeding. you'll -- more cats are breeding. you'll hear more from the shelter later this morning. state department has issued a travel warning to mornings saying that al qaeda and other groups are planning attacks
6:49 am
against u.s. interests around the world. the death of osama bin laden has raised the risk of anti- american violence around the world. and the attacks may be in form of suicide bombings, assassinations, kidnapping and hijacking. a new medical report causing a new controversy surrounding the september 11th attacks in new york. a federal panel found there's not yet enough evidence to say that dust and smoke caused by the terror attack on the world trade center caused cancer. and the finding is a setback for some of the first responders and residents that lived near the world trade center that now have cancer that means they do not qualify for federal health benefits till there's more research. in los angeles, a bizarre story. a man is getting psychiatric help after trying to do surgery on himself to take out a painful hernia. he's a 63-year-old man and he used a six inch butter knife.
6:50 am
he pulled out the knife and he took the celebrity he was smoking and -- the cigarette he was smoking and stuck it into the wound. he was not arrested. the police say that he was not threatening anybody but himself. and now back over to sal for a look at traffic. we have slow traffic in some areas already. let's say -- let's go outside. i want to show thought traffic will be busy on interstate 880 near the 29th street exit. the traffic is moving along nicely. again it's busy but the ramp is closed at 29th. you will not be able to get to this point because of a police investigation. let's take a look at the commute on highway 92 on westbound getting on to the high-rise. no problems on the dunnbarton bridge. bay point is slow.
6:51 am
and now to steve. a good morning to you all. sunshine already over the big city. low clouds giving way to more fog than really low clouds. once it burns off, we're good to go. temperatures will be warming up. they've been doing so for the last couple days. and we're rear to go to warm up. and we will. it won't be anything that we have not dealt with before. and the last time we had any real heat was on july 4th weekend. this is coming in two to four degrees warmer each day. it looks like it will hang around the next three to five days and there are signs the first week of august looks cool again as another system is weaker digs into the pacific northwest. but upper 80s and low 90s, we'll have the temperatures in the 80s and the 90s. 9 -- 89 in pleasantton, santa
6:52 am
clara 80, mountain view 80, 68 in san francisco. i think the coast and the city will warm up tomorrow. we'll see the inland temperatures get into the low mid-90s and stay there into friday and saturday. keep an eye on amazon stock this morning. they announced better than expected earnings. they made $191 million profit in the last quarter. it's known for books. it was actually electronic sales that were particularly strong. let's check in on wall street. a live look at the big board this morning. it shows the dow jones industrial average down 83 points. we're pretty much following the trend across europe this morning and asia overnight. investors and stock market and traders do not like uncertaintity. there's a lot of uncertainty in the u.s. in the debt limit and the negotiatings there. and i'm checking in on dunkin donuts that is going public today.
6:53 am
it has not traded yet. $19 a share is where it is priced. it's a game that baseball fans will talk about for a long time. traffic is looking good to the 580 interchange. we'll tell you more about the commute coming up.
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a florida judge will keep the names of the jurors in the casey anthony trial sealed till october. judge perry made the decision yesterday, saying there needs to be a cooling off period. he said that there has been threaten -- there have been threatening remarks against the jurors and he is concerned about their well-being. he'll keep them sealed till october 25th, possibly later. three have already identified themselves. atlanta braves fans got a lot more baseball than they bargained for. >> ground ball alvarez coming home. and it's not in time! >> say what?
6:57 am
it gave the braves a 4-3 rein offer the pirates last -- win over the pirates last night. that was in the 19th inning. the longest game in history at turner field. the tv replay showed the umpire knowing he blew it. >> we heard what sal said earlier. it's coming up on 7:00. >> i think he made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be a little bit slow on 880 northbound as you pass the coliseum. there are no major problems. and this morning's commute will be slow on highway 4 bay point westbound. you can see the traffic is going to be busy driving over to concord. and if you are in western contra costa county, we have traffic that is getting slower
6:58 am
on richmond. and now to steve. fog gives way to sunshine and warmer temperatures. and they'll be coming to the inland areas and i don't see much change here. we'll top out in the low to mid- 90s as we head into the weekend. if you like warmer weather, enjoy it because next week looks cooler. a bay area driver runs over a dog. why the dog's owner is the one in trouble. a new development tied to the fatal police shooting in san francisco's buy view district that involves the victim's brother. stay here with us. ñy
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